PHD Research

PhD Process

Deciding the right University :
Start searching for a university that offers Ph.D. in your research area. Find out the university rankings filtered by your subject of interest, analyze them and make your choice-list. Try to contact Ph.D. students at the schools you’re interested in and get to know their information about the Ph.D. life inside the campus. Self-assess the environment and then apply for determination.

Identify the right guide :
The guide – student relationship is one of the crucial determinants of the success of a Ph.D. – talk to teachers/professors. Before searching for one, be determined to know more about yourself and your research aspirations so that you can establish a link with him/her in your first conversation. Your first impression with a draft of your research interests is only going to help you with a prospective guide to your choice. Make sure your guide is interested in your topic and you can get along with him.

PHD- Registration :
Apply on the form prescribed by the University with all the necessary enclosures, such as your documentary proof of date of birth, degree certificate of the last qualifying degree examination, No objection certificate from your employer (if employed). A Research synopsis has to be prepared for consultation with your proposed guide and shall be signed by both. The title of the Ph.D. thesis suggested by you should be such that no work of similar value has been done or is being done. A written text/interview or both are conducted depending on the institution you apply. You will be admitted once you pass the interview. The registered candidates undertake coursework, which shall be treated as a pre-PhD requirement.

Technical Domain Selection :
Identifying the technology area has a profound influence on your career advancement and scope of the future. Select current and emerging technologies which create a large impact on the future research and society. Talk to your advisor for help.

Identifying the research problem :
Identifying the relevant research problem is significant in enabling the actual process of seeking solutions through researching. It has a major influence on the successful completion of the Ph.D.

Write a research Proposal :
Research proposal explains the significance of the proposed research. It critically analyzes the existing research problems and identifies the gaps to focus on the solutions. The proposal is a concrete and convincing framework of a Ph.D. that highlights the originality of the study. The creativity of the problem and illustrates what critical thinking and skills used to prove or disprove the problem. It articulates the correct methodology to conduct the study and offers logical reasons why this particular method is selected. The proposal provides the potential for the work and what are the implications involved in it and eventually explains how the proposed solution is going to bridge the gap in the existing knowledge. Also, how the proposed work will contribute and what is the findings over prospects after the completion of the research work. The research proposal demonstrates the significance and the quality of the research as well as reflects the capability of the researcher to conduct the research.

Literature Survey :
A literature survey offers an overview, critical evaluation, and significant contributions of the published work on a research topic. The survey process requires relevant research work published as scholarly articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, books, and related material available on the Internet. The literature review is an essential component of a thesis or dissertation or paper wiring to describe the previous work.

Objectives :

  • To Identify the contributions of the existing research in a particular context to understand the topic.
  • To determine the originality of the research contributions in the perspective of current literature.
  • Categorizing the contributions, determining the similarity, variations, and the relationship of each work.
  • To identify the research proposals to avoid duplication of work
  • To point out the research gaps and proposing new ideas for further research

Implementations :

  • Identifying the tools and technologies to solve a research problem
  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Analysis and Design
  • System Implementation and Testing
  • Performance Analysis and Evaluation
  • Results

Thesis Writing :
A thesis is a complete document prepared in a prescribed format to present the research findings of a candidate to qualify for the Ph.D. degree. The quality of the research, the minimum duration of the program, and requirements for completion varies considerably depending on the university. The thesis submission should be approved by the supervisor and doctoral committee. The examiners approved by the University assess the quality of the thesis for the award of Ph.D.

PhD Guidance

Project Guru is a specialized consultancy that delivers clear doctoral solutions to Ph.D. aspirants. We invite students to develop and significantly contribute to original research areas. We direct the students to identify the latest and unique research topics that encourage them to pursue their Ph.D./Research project with ease. We continuously motivate the students to do the research independently by providing the necessary tools & technologies. Project Guru, your best friend, your editor, your search engine is there to take you to a new state-of-the-art research with a wealth of experience. What you want out of the process and what you are going to get out of the process is well-defined, and indeed it is easily planned by our domain experts in which you are registered. “We believe our success is a reflection of our reputation”. We will identify a timeline for your work based on your deadline, and our experts will provide the support accordingly in a well-timed manner until the work is completed. Our business is to guide students to move beyond being passive recipients of knowledge to become knowledge builders, capable of creative and innovative solutions to problems.

The guidance program consists of many experts in the research field, researchers on a particular technology domain, industry professionals, programmers and content writers. This program provides an opportunity for candidates to expand their capabilities in research, development and technical writing. We share our expertise to improve your knowledge and skill level to satisfy the university regulations. We work closely with research communities, identifying challenges, sharing findings, and continue exploring possibilities for the future and a variety of research directions.

PhD Consulting

PhD., Consulting service is a professional wing of Project Guru rendering support to aspiring research scholars to comprehend the various intricacies involved in the process of research to achieve professionalism. Our ethical and expert consultancy and pro-active counseling and direction shall comfortably guide you through to complete the research project successfully.

We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Research Consulting Areas
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  • Learning through Project Guru
  • Our support facilitates:

PhD Resources

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  • How to write a research paper
  • How to write a thesis for a PhD
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  • How to connect digital data and use the intranet for research work.
  • How to get yourself acclimated to academic writing.
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PHD Research Areas and services

A. PHD Research Areas-

Our Research Areas
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  • Software Engineering
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B. Our Services-

  • Dissertation
    • PhD Topic Selection
    • Problem Identification
    • Research Proposal
    • Pilot Study
    • PhD. Dissertation (Full)
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    • Phd-Consultation
  • Coursework
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    • Assignment
    • Interim-Report
    • Exam Notes
    • Synopsis Preparation
    • Power Point
  • Literature Review
    • References Collection
    • Conceptual Framework
    • Theoretical Framework
    • Annotated Bibliography
    • Theorem Development
    • Gap Identification
  • Phd Research Methodology
    • Research Design
    • Sampling
    • Sample Size
    • Power Calculation
    • Qualitative Methodology
    • Quantitative Methodology
    • Primary Data Collection
    • Secondary Data Collection
  • Analytics
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    • Textual / Content Analysis
    • Biostatistics
    • Econometrics
    • Big Data Analytics
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